Identifying Problem Gamblers In Real Time

Identifying problem gambling online isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would do it.

There are so many variables that you need to look out for, and these signs also change over time.

How can you identify a problem gambling risk in real time in just one glance?

The answer is a click away!

Problem gambling risk

Operators in the gaming sphere need to understand the vulnerability of their problem gambling customers, in real time. One of the major issues that operators are having, is that they can’t accurately see and review a customer’s risk level in real time. For example, if a Customer Support Agent is talking on live chat with a customer, they are meant to be able to understand, straight away, if there is any risk of problem gambling with that customer. Customer Support Agents might be under a lot of pressure dealing with multiple chats, or it might be that the customer has talked to multiple agents in the past.

In December, we discussed how operators use technology to prevent problem gambling on our blog page.

The benefits of using artificial intelligence to identify potential problem gamblers are plentiful, but we identified five of the biggest ones:

  • Limit harm from gambling
  • Protect vulnerable users
  • Pre-empt addiction through user empowerment
  • Support struggling users
  • Comply with the Gambling Commission and their social responsibility code provisions

From the side of the operator, there is one key question to ask…

How is the Customer Support Agent meant to accurately understand the problem gambling risk of the customer in real time?

So, we created:

Real Time Risk Score

Rdentify provides a real time risk score that operators can see within their existing live chat functionality. This solution is also auditable. If a risk score increases, operators can prove their responsible gambling interaction. Any flagged chat, without an Responsible Gaming (RG) interaction, is reviewed on the home page.

It is the first thing you see when you log in:


It is vital that integration is easy and simple. Rdentify integrates directly with any live chat and email provider.

For example, this is what it may look like when Rdentify is integrated within a live chat:

As the chat continues in real time, the risk score will change up to each line, to give you an idea of the risk. If the chat risk score colour changes from green, to amber, to red it will be very clear there is an issue. So, you can deal with it effectively.

Artificial intelligence and its ability to assist with identifying problem gamblers has changed the industry – for the better. Its capacity to cope with incredible amounts of data that a human simply wouldn’t be able to process puts operators one step ahead at all times.

It is much easier to identify a problem gambler in a real casino or betting shop, but as we move away from that world and into the online sphere, AI needs to continue leading the way.

Speaking of gamblers moving online, take a read of our recent blog discussing the impact of Covid-19 on online problem gamblers.

With approaching 1% of the UK population suffering from a gambling problem, the need to identify them early has never been of such importance.

Free demo

That’s why we are offering a free demo of our Rdentify technology – that’s how confident we are.

If you want a responsible gaming tool, that is easy, auditable and effective, click here to book your FREE demo today.

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