Our new collaboration with Neccton

Welcoming a new phase of innovation and development with our brand-new collaborators Neccton.

As Rdentify continues to move into an exciting new phase of innovation, we’re very pleased to announce that we’ll be collaborating with Neccton to offer our advanced customer risk software to 50 new operators.

Rdentify offers a functional, innovative solution for businesses that prioritise customer welfare. Using cutting edge machine learning models, our platform flags end-user vulnerability risk during live chat, email, and chat bot interactions, which in turn identifies and protects players from potential harm.

This new collaboration with Neccton opens new opportunities for us to scale and develop services to meet the growing demand for customer-focused technology. At a time when vulnerable customers are becoming more commonplace than ever, businesses have a social responsibility to protect their players from gambling-related risks, and uphold the regulations expected of them.

Integrated Approach

After working alongside Neccton to establish a new development phase, we will be able to offer state-of-the-art chat solutions which complement Neccton’s responsible gambling services and products. Our innovative software will provide an extra layer of customer protection for online players, which in turn allows organisations to operate with increased confidence, while protecting customers and their business assets simultaneously.

As we move forward with Neccton, we want to provide our customers with further integration options into the existing chatbot and systems, and increase effectiveness by ensuring our platform works easily with other forms of operator software. This will give gambling firms a seamless experience that puts responsible gaming at the heart of business operations.

Dr Michael Auer, Director, and Head of Development at Neccton, shared his thoughts on this exciting development:

“We can finally add NLP analysis to our real-time behavioural analytics. This leads to an even better understanding of player behaviour and detection of problem gambling”

Championing Innovation

This is something that forms the foundation of our work here at Rdentify. Our skills and experience in E-gaming and Machine Learning have allowed us to identify a clear gap in the market for a 360 view of customer vulnerability in a CRM style platform, which we can now bring to Neccton’s partners.

Rdentify’s founder and CEO Daniel Brooks welcomed the new collaboration with Neccton:

“We are delighted to announce the launch of a new partnership with Neccton, a leader in real time data analytic Responsible Gambling and AML solutions.

 Neccton products will complement the state-of-the-art Rdentify suite which identifies at-risk customers in real time during email, Live chat and Chatbot conversations. This is a key component of our strategy to assist businesses to identify at-risk customers before they come to harm.”

Our Sales Director Nige Roberts also has high hopes for the partnership:

“I am very happy to be working with such esteemed people who take the welfare of players seriously. Neccton’s values align with our own philosophy here at Rdentify, so we anticipate great things from this partnership.”

Working alongside Neccton gives us the opportunity to move forward with our innovation. Current industry-standard approaches rely heavily on metrics around time and money spent; but this data is narrow, limited in quantity, and does not reflect individual customer circumstances.

To overcome this barrier, we want to further improve our NLP analysis to incorporate other communication channels (such as phone and email) alongside online chat and existing behavioural metrics. This means we will be able to generate additional high-quality data on vulnerability, and protect even more players from gambling-related harm.

As we expand our reach with customers across Europe and beyond, we will continue to seek partners who champion innovation, and work alongside us to establish vulnerability tracking technology as an industry-standard tool.

About Neccton

Neccton is a one-stop-shop for gaming providers. Leveraging over fifteen years of experience in Data Science, AI and Big Data, Neccton is thriving as a leading analytical solutions provider that offers scalable cloud-based services for businesses. Dr. Michael Auer from neccton is one of the most active researchers in the area of Responsible Gaming and has published more than 40 academic studies in the last ten years.

Much like Rdentify, Neccton takes customer wellbeing and responsible gaming seriously. Their platform detects signs of money laundering and fraud, while adhering to responsible gaming frameworks. Neccton also provides a wide variety of features such as incident management, player profiling, and reporting within a traffic-based licensing model.

Operating in twenty countries with over ten million players, Neccton’s diligent focus on player behaviour is something that is hugely important to us. By working alongside Neccton, we hope to further increase our high-quality data on customer vulnerability, while maintaining commercial success simultaneously.

Neccton was founded in Austria and is privately owned.

You can find out more about Neccton by visiting neccton.com.

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