Our new collaboration with Neccton

Welcoming a new phase of innovation and development with our brand-new collaborators Neccton. As Rdentify continues to move into an exciting new phase of innovation, we’re very pleased to announce that we’ll be collaborating with Neccton to offer our advanced customer risk software to 50 new operators. Rdentify offers a functional, innovative solution for businesses… Read More

Why do you need Rdentify?

As commerce continues to shift online, it’s clear that digitalisation is absolutely essential for modern customer service. It is key to connecting customers with knowledgeable agents, delivering the context needed to solve problems quickly, and providing consumers with more engagement options than ever before. When businesses put technology-focused customer service at the heart of their… Read More

Rdentify in the energy industry

At a time when energy prices have hit record levels, the industry is under more scrutiny than ever before. As customers brace themselves for a £693 price cap increase in April 2022, the reputation of the industry is being continually damaged due to poor levels of customer service. Vulnerable customers are not being adequately monitored… Read More

Rdentify in the finance industry

Financial services, like the majority of the world’s largest industries, regularly deals with customers who are vulnerable. All customers are at risk of becoming vulnerable, but this risk is increased by having characteristics of vulnerability. These characteristics can include poor health, experiencing life events such as new caring responsibilities, or low resilience. In financial services and… Read More

Rdentify’s exciting new partnership with the Gaming Innovation Group

Our platform has the capacity to provide real change for businesses that take the welfare of their customers seriously. Using state-of-the-art machine learning models, Rdentify flags end-user vulnerability risk during live chat interactions, which protect customers from harm. Consistent use of our advanced risk software allows organisations to operate with increased confidence, while protecting customers… Read More

Protect and exceed your regulatory compliance obligations

Compliant gambling businesses have an opportunity to excel. When firms show that they take regulations seriously, they have a chance to stand out from competitors- especially those who are failing to take the protection of customers seriously. All too often these days, we see headlines about companies failing to adhere to compliance obligations, or protect… Read More

Vulnerable customers matter

In a post-pandemic world that has damaged finances, livelihoods and mental health, protecting the wellbeing of vulnerable customers has never been so crucial. And this is something that gambling operators need to prioritise if they want to future proof their business. Now that online gambling is easier than ever before, it takes just a few… Read More

Protect your correspondence

It’s safe to say that the gambling industry has changed dramatically over the years. Since the first online casinos launched back in 1994, there has been a digitally-driven consumer demand that has completely overhauled the industry at large. While interfaces were fairly simple at this point, it wasn’t until 2005 that The Gambling Act was created. It’s… Read More

Rdentify in the legal industry

In some ways, the gambling industry is not so different from any other highly regulated sector. Regulatory and compliance obligations must be adhered to and acted on accordingly- especially where vulnerable consumers are concerned. All gambling operators must have a licence, and the Gambling Commission has powers to set licence conditions, as well as enforcing… Read More