Rdentify in the legal industry

In some ways, the gambling industry is not so different from any other highly regulated sector. Regulatory and compliance obligations must be adhered to and acted on accordingly- especially where vulnerable consumers are concerned. All gambling operators must have a licence, and the Gambling Commission has powers to set licence conditions, as well as enforcing… Read More

Best tools for customer interaction

Customer interaction should always be proactive. For companies that are committed to putting their consumers at the heart of business, we believe that an interaction with a customer should be a part of a process, not an end in itself. And this becomes all the more vital in the gambling industry. When we talk of… Read More

Identifying and Safeguarding Vulnerable Customers

Helping gambling operators do the right thing by identifying and safeguarding vulnerable customers- while protecting business simultaneously. Customer Vulnerability When we talk of vulnerable customers, we refer to those who, due to their personal circumstances, are susceptible to harm. In the gambling industry, there is already a clear need for customer support, especially in the… Read More

Rdentify in the gaming industry

The online gaming industry is continuing to experience exponential growth in current times. With the COVID-19 pandemic driving people across the globe to spend more time at home, many have turned to gaming and gambling for entertainment, distraction and escape. The online gaming population increased by 63% during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Many new… Read More

Protect your customer’s wellbeing

We know that people gamble for all sorts of reasons. Whether it’s for the adrenaline rush, to win money, or to escape from worries and stress, digital game play can provide a source of entertainment for consumers. But for some, gambling can quickly spiral out of control- especially in the case of those who are… Read More

Safer Gambling Week 2021

Today marks the beginning of Safer Gambling Week- a cross-industry initiative to promote safer gambling in the UK and Ireland. The Betting and Gaming Council, the British Amusement Catering Trade Association (BACTA) and the Bingo Association have joined forces to create a safer betting environment. While licensed gaming and betting operators are implementing various tools to… Read More

Rdentify Protect – What, Why, and How

In today’s AI-driven world, organisations are learning how to channel the power of technology to improve business not just for teams and stakeholders, but for customers too. Now that customer wellbeing is a higher priority than ever before, technology can offer a viable solution to protect susceptible customers from risk- particularly when an organisation isn’t… Read More

Customers spending or taking on debt that they can’t afford – What can you do?

According to a recent Financial Lives Coronavirus survey, more and more consumers are finding themselves in vulnerable circumstances, with 53% of adults displaying a characteristic of vulnerability. This is an increase of over 3 million since February 2020. Identifying vulnerable customers At Rdentify, we know that vulnerable customers matter. It’s important to encourage healthy and sustainable habits… Read More

Rdentify launches brand-new solution to protect vulnerable gamblers and champion consumer welfare

Harnessing the power of NLP technology, Rdentify bring a brand-new software solution to the market, designed to detect vulnerability in customers and allow for more responsible gambling. Following a year of isolation and heightened screen time for many, online gambling and casino searches have hit a record high during the pandemic. As the online gambling… Read More

Reshaping the gambling industry

There are three licensing objectives which support the whole basis of gambling regulation: That crime should be kept out of gambling It should be conducted in a fair and open way Children and other vulnerable persons should be protected from harm or exploitation from gambling. Most people who gamble do so safely, but gambling can… Read More