Rdentify launches its brand-new website

As Rdentify continues to move forward in a new period of commercial success, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new website.

The refreshed website is now much easier to navigate, and offers sector-specific information to help our customers learn more about our innovative technology. This is designed to improve user experience and usability.

We hope that we now have an opportunity to connect with a wider pool of prospective customers who champion customer welfare as much as we do.

Connecting with customers

If we are to deliver effective technology solutions for our customers, it’s important to demonstrate our familiarity with their key pain points. In the fast-paced world of customer interaction, we understand that subtle indicators of vulnerability can often be missed by firms. As agents are busy keeping track of high volumes of customer accounts, vulnerable consumers can often slip through the net, leading to severe consequences for both the consumer and the operator.

We therefore wanted to gain further insights into our customers to understand the obstacles they face on a daily basis, and how we can articulate the benefits of our technology in a clearer, more concise way.

After taking customer feedback on board, we decided to upgrade our website to provide prospective users with simple, up-to-date information about our product, and what our powerful software can offer to customer-focused operators.

We hope our new site will provide us with the opportunity to connect with more regulated operators, and, in turn, protect more vulnerable consumers from harm.

Driving innovation

Our upgraded website comes at a time when Rdentify is moving into a new phase of innovation.

Rdentify analyses language used by customers during online chats using ML and NLP technology, and generates a ‘vulnerability score’ that is collated on a supervisory dashboard. This sophisticated software is especially helpful for sectors such as gaming, finance, legal and energy.

Our current platform ingests generic raw data (conversations, transactions, events) as well as custom data (custom events, custom data fields and tags for risk indicators, interventions etc.) to build a 360 view of customer vulnerability in a CRM-style platform. This allows organisations to detect, monitor and intervene to address user vulnerability.

As we now enter a new phase with our technology, we want to improve commercial accessibility to our product through user-friendly channels. In turn, this will help us with our research and development in improving our platform’s functionality, and help establish our vulnerability tracking technology as an industry-standard tool.

Advanced technology solutions

We are the only commercially available solution using Machine Learning and NLP to detect, monitor, and intervene in user vulnerability.

Harnessing our knowledge and experience in E-gaming and machine learning, our experts have created specialised customer risk analysis software to help businesses identify and protect vulnerable customers. Our platform performs in-depth trend analysis of an entire customer base on the Rdentify User Interface, which allows operators to enhance their accountability by actively reviewing customer interactions in real time.

Rdentify is a small but growing enterprise, and we’re already having a hugely positive impact on the gaming sector. Our successful partnerships with the likes of GiG and Neccton are helping us reach customers in Europe and beyond, and we will continue to seek out partners to work alongside us who champion innovation as much as we do.

With our sights set firmly on commercial expansion, we look forward to seeing what our next exciting chapter brings.

If you’d like to learn more about our innovative software, reach out to our team or request a free demo.

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