Rdentify Protect – What, Why, and How

In today’s AI-driven world, organisations are learning how to channel the power of technology to improve business not just for teams and stakeholders, but for customers too.

Now that customer wellbeing is a higher priority than ever before, technology can offer a viable solution to protect susceptible customers from risk- particularly when an organisation isn’t acting  with appropriate levels of care.

According to a recent survey, over 3 million additional consumers are finding themselves in challenging circumstances following the pandemic, and many will display multiple characteristics of vulnerability.

Some of the world’s biggest industries will already deal with vulnerable customers. From gaming and trading to financial services and law, it’s imperative that more businesses ensure consumers are protected from financial and contractual harm, whilst maintaining commercial success.

And this is where Rdentify can help.

What is Rdentify?

Rdentify brings together state-of-the-art machine learning and linguistics technology to provide smart customer protection that is reliable, measurable, and auditable.

We provide vulnerability risk scores to front line staff so they can safeguard customers, while protecting your business from threats such as regulatory risk. By proactively communicating with vulnerable customers, your organisation not only increases brand loyalty, but also reduces the possibility of litigation.

With a specialisation in high-risk regulated sectors, Rdentify mitigates customer risks in industries including gaming, finance, legal and energy.

Rdentify Protect™ Gaming

Rdentify Protect™ Gaming increases compliance with Safer Gambling legislation, reducing the risk of fines and reputational damage.

We also facilitate increased levels of social responsibility, helping online gaming operate as an entertainment activity rather than a consumer risk.

With Rdentify Protect™ Gaming, online operators can offer a safe experience by maintaining a positive dialogue with their customers, while mitigating the risk of loss due to undue financial claims.

Rdentify Protect™ Finance

Findings from the FCA and Federal Reserve confirm that organisations require the right knowledge, capability and technology to recognise and respond to the needs of vulnerable customers.

Our sophisticated software enables financial firms to do this much more easily. Rdentify’s advanced technology provides a historical analysis of customer chats and emails, facilitating data-driven decision making. This means that signs of vulnerability can be assessed appropriately, and gives space for consumers to disclose their needs accordingly.

By partnering with Rdentify, finance businesses can deliver appropriate customer service that responds flexibly to the needs of at-risk consumers.

Rdentify Protect™ Legal

Rdentify allows legal firms to identify vulnerable people to aid the reduction of fake claims online. Customers spending or taking on debt they can’t afford can therefore be monitored and stopped as early as possible.

This facilitates an additional level of customer care, enabling businesses to direct customers to legitimate financial help and hardship advisors.

Rdentify Protect™ offers automated customer journeys for vulnerable clients to reduce time and costs for your business. By harnessing our innovative technology, firms can effortlessly comply with regulatory requirements, while enhancing their reputation as a customer-focused organisation.

Rdentify Protect™ Energy

We understand that customer service is one of the key drivers of complaints in the Energy industry. And when it comes to effective signposting for at-risk customers, the OFGEM requires accuracy and reliability.

The Citizens Advice Extra Help Unit (EHU) reported that the majority of complaints they receive concern billing (37.1%) and debt/disconnections (21.9%), which indicates that more needs to be done to support customers who are vulnerable.

Rdentify smart technology allows any energy service to accurately recognise indicators of mental health, age-related vulnerability and low income, ensuring services are thoroughly monitored during customer interaction.

With Rdentify Protect™, energy services can drive significant improvements in customer service for vulnerable groups, and offer valuable support to those at risk.

Why us?

Rdentify offers smart protection to vulnerable customers, businesses, teams, and stakeholders simultaneously. We want to give reassurance to organisations by giving them the best-in-class tools for customer interactions, while exceeding regulatory and compliance obligations.

When your business partners with us, you automatically protect yourself against financial losses associated with claims. Using our state of the art technology, we help guard communication, email and correspondence to detect vulnerable customers in real time, allowing your business to operate with confidence.

How do we do it?

Rdentify provides a scalable natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning-based engine which flags end-user vulnerability risk during live chat interactions. This seamlessly integrates with existing operator systems and outputs clear, actionable scores and advice.

Our intuitive user interface allows in-depth trend analysis, as well as improved decision-making in real time. Using customisable vulnerability scores, customer support agents can make quick, evidence-based decisions to protect both the end-user and your business. It’s about enhancing in-house processes to protect all parties, and prioritising customer wellbeing in unprecedented times.

To find out more about what we can offer your organisation, contact our expert team today.

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