Want to know more about our services?

Rdentify can be integrated using our easy-to-use API tool on the vast majority of CRM systems. If you do not, on the rare occasion, have a CRM system that allows for integrations, or you choose not to integrate, Rdentify can provide the results daily, via a report.

Rdentify utilises an easy to understand scoring system to demonstrate problem gambling risk. Behind the scenes, Rdentify utilises the latest Natural Language Processing models to compute the raw probabilities for each text and also calculates an overall score. Using advanced Machine Learning, Rdentify is top of its class and prides itself on simplifying our computations for the end user.

Each new user is provided with a user name and password, which will allow them to log in to the Rdentify user interface and view risk scores. Prior to this, all integrations are completed utilising our well documented, easy to use API’s. Our technical experts are then on hand to provide any assistance needed. Please get in touch to find out more!

As an operator, you may want to decide your own strategy for how to best utilise the Rdentify risk scores within your existing processes. Rdentify does not usually offer advice on how to deal with identified problem gamblers as a primary service, but we are fuelled by a passion for supporting operators and will always do our best to help out where we can. Please feel free to reach out to discuss further.

Rdentify is sophisticated software that scales to meet your needs based on your different use cases and volume. We tailor our packages directly to you so you know you’re only paying for what you need. To discuss working with us and our packages you can contact us here