Slide Identifying Vulnerable Customers Rdentify allows you to identify problem gamblers with increased accuracy and prevent them from gambling on your site, thus increasing compliance with Safer Gambling legislation and reducing fines and reputational damage.

  • Advanced customer risk analysis software

  • Built by industry experts

  • Protect your players and avoid financial penalties

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Natural Language Processing

Using innovative NLP technology, we are able to analyse every line from your live chats.

Machine Learning Models

Rdentify utilises machine-learning models to flag early signs of self-exclusion and problem gambling risk.

Risk Based Scoring System

Rdentify highlights risks quickly and clearly to your staff, who can then respond in an effective manner.


We recognise that signs of problem gambling are often subtle. Indicators can be sporadic, spread across multiple chats and agents, and in the fast-paced worlds of customer support and retention, common cues can easily be missed.

This results in vulnerable players going unnoticed, leading to severe consequences for both the customer and the operator.

Our technology integrates seamlessly with your system, making it easy for your agents to use. Using our product will enhance your processes, lower your operational risk, and demonstrate to the regulators that you take the protection of your customers seriously. Additionally, no personal data is ever stored on our servers, leaving you in full control.



  1. Identify problem gamblers, online
  2. Increase compliance with Safer Gambling legislation
  3. Reduce fines and reputation damage


  • Reliable
  • Measurable
  • Auditable

The Team

Daniel Brookes

CEO and Founder

Over 10 years of experience within the E-gaming and Technology sectors, focusing on leading the delivery of innovative solutions to high-risk business threats in regulated environments.

Iustin Dornescu

Chief Data Officer

Holding a phD in Machine Leaning and NLP, Iustin is an expert at analyzing large unstructured datasets. Iustin has over 15 years experience leading data science teams in successful start-ups.

Warren Jacobs

Strategic Advisor

Warren has a proven track record in developing and scaling successful e-commerce businesses. He has over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in the Marketing and Technology industry.


Our technology builds accurate risk profiles from live chat and historic player data in real time.

CRM Integration

The system can be built straight into your current CRM system with full customer analysis available.

Increased Accuracy

Lowers the chances of fines by improving accuracy in identifying problem gamblers.


Reviews your customer base and ensures appropriate interactions have been completed.


  • Direct integration with your live chat and CRM systems.
  • Risk scores available in real time.
  • Actionable customer problem gambling risk flags based on all previous interactions with the operator.
  • Visualise your risk data and perform in-depth trend analysis of your entire customer base on the Rdentify User Interface.
  • No data risk – Rdentify will never store your personal data

Ease of Integration

For many operators, development time is key.


Rdentify integrates easily and quickly with a wide range of live chat providers

How it works

Our technology can identify signs of self-exclusion and problem gambling in your chats. Utilising advanced technologies behind the scenes, we have made sure our product is easy to adopt and use as part of your day-to-day customer support routine.

New risk identification factors are continuously enhanced. This allows you to be confident that the features within Rdentify are always up-to-date, and hassle-free for your business to use.

“have in the last two weeks alone deposited over a thousand pounds which was joint savings and not really mine to spend”

“trying to win back my money I have lost”

“I never win. It’s like the game’s rigged”

“Please self exclude me ASAP”

What does the industry have to say?

Advisory Board for Safer Gambling (ABSG)

“Opportunities to evaluate interventions and increase understandings of what works in harm minimisation are being missed”

Advisory Board for Safer Gambling (then known as the RGSB) – RGSB Final Progress Report 2016-19

Gambling Commission

“How do you identify who might be suffering harm? I don’t mean people who have already suffered harm, I mean harm prevention”

Neil McArthur – Gambling Commission Chief Executive – Safer Gambling Collaboration Day, 30th May 2018


“Any online operator that thinks it can ignore its duty to protect players should take note today – there will be consequences. Protecting vulnerable consumers is our prime concern, and it must be the priority for gambling operators too.”

Rt. Hon. Jeremy Wright MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Media, and Sport – 29th November 2018

Gambling in the UK


problem gamblers


gamblers are identified as being at risk


of online gamblers have gambled through a mobile in the past 4 weeks


fines since 2017, by the UK Gambling Commission for social responsibility failings.


problem gamblers are between the ages 11-15


to log onto a digital device and place a bet


of online gamblers, gambled in the workplace

Sources: Report ‘Gambling behaviour in Great Britain’ by the UK Gambling Commission (2015), Gambling participation in 2019; behaviour, awareness and attitudes mobileslots4u

Why Choose Rdentify?

Built by Industry Experts

Backed by expert knowledge and understanding from the gambling industry and compliance specialists, Rdentify has been made exclusively for this industry.

Stay clear of Financial Penalties

The Gambling Commission has issued over £28 million in financial penalties. Failing to identify and help problem gamblers is one of the most common offences – Rdentify helps you stay ahead of the curve.

Two million gamblers are at risk

Provide your employees with the tools to detect risk and act on it, bringing you more effective results.

A rare combination of experts in data science, compliance, operations and customer support within the gambling industry, with years of experience

A unique solution tailor-made for gambling operators. We can tell you in real time if there is a problem with an online gambler and act immediately.

Your Benefits


Identify risks in real time and interact


Audit team live chats and emails to ensure that they are properly interactive with high risk customers


Evaluate company responsible gaming performance to ensure regulatory requirements are meant


Ensure you mitigate regulatory risk, make your business more efficient and provide a better customer experience

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Want to know more about our services?

    Rdentify can be integrated using our easy-to-use API tool on the vast majority of CRM systems. If you do not, on the rare occasion, have a CRM system that allows for integrations, or you choose not to integrate, Rdentify can provide the results daily, via a report.

    Rdentify utilises an easy to understand percentage and 1 to 5 scoring system to demonstrate problem gambling risk. Behind the scenes, Rdentify utilises the latest Natural Language Processing models to compute the raw probabilities for each text and also calculates an overall score. Using advanced Machine Learning, Rdentify is top of its class and prides itself on simplifying our computations for the end user.

    Each new user is provided with a user name and password, which will allow them to log in to the Rdentify user interface and view risk scores. Prior to this, all integrations are completed utilising our well documented, easy to use API’s. Our technical experts are then on hand to provide any assistance needed. Please get in touch to find out more!

    As an operator, you may want to decide your own strategy for how to best utilise the Rdentify risk scores within your existing processes. Rdentify does not usually offer advice on how to deal with identified problem gamblers as a primary service, but we are fuelled by a passion for supporting operators and will always do our best to help out where we can. Please feel free to reach out to discuss further.

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