Rdentify Protect

Rdentify Protect: Real-Time Customer Conversation Protection

Secure your customers, empower your decisions, and elevate your customer support with Rdentify Protect.

Our unique solution offers comprehensive real-time analysis of customer conversations across various platforms, ensuring enhanced security, efficiency, and informed decision-making.

Key features:

Holistic conversation analysis

Rdentify Protect analyses live chats, emails, phone calls, chat rooms, and bot interactions in real time. This helps to detect customer vulnerability, frustration, and satisfaction levels, and reduces risk, churn, and operational costs.

Strategic benefits

Rdentify Protect increases customer value, retention, and reaction times. It also empowers businesses with customisable vulnerability scores for quick decisions and enables evidence-based decision-making for enhanced results.

Seamless integration

Rdentify Protect integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and workflows. It provides real-time actionable scores and advice, and can be set up in under an hour, ensuring rapid deployment.

Intuitive interface

Rdentify Protect has a user-friendly interface that allows for in-depth trend analysis. This enhances decision-making, leading to superior support. It also guarantees quality assurance and governance of customer interactions.

Enhanced compliance

Rdentify Protect ensures regulatory compliance and quality assurance. It mitigates risks, maintaining adherence to industry standards. It also delivers cost savings by reducing litigations and improving customer satisfaction.

Why choose Rdentify Protect?

  • Early identification of vulnerable customers.
  • Reduction of problematic behaviour throughout the database.
  • Quality assurance for customer support communications.
  • In-depth understanding of customer pain points and satisfaction levels.
  • Fully auditable to evidence compliance.
  • Tailored real-time interventions for improved outcomes.

Our commitment

Rdentify Protect is more than a solution; it’s your shield against potential threats and your key to enhanced customer support. With our robust protection mechanisms, your customers, teams, and stakeholders are secured, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.