Rdentify’s intuitive user interface allows in-depth trend analysis and improved decision-making.

Rdentify provides a scalable natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning-based engine which flags end-user vulnerability risk during live chat interactions.

Rdentify seamlessly integrates with the operators’ existing systems and outputs clear, actionable scores and advice in real time. Using the customizable vulnerability scores, customer support agents can make quick, evidence-based decisions to protect both the end-user and your business.

Identify Vulnerable Customers Online

Identify the vulnerable in real time


Increase Compliance

Evaluate your responsible gaming performance to meet and exceed regulatory requirements.


Reduce Fines and Reputational Damage

Being proactive using Rdentify you can act swiftly to prevent future problems


What is Rdentify?

From gaming to trading, and financial services to law, it is imperative that businesses do everything they can to ensure consumers are protected from financial and contractual harm, whilst maintaining commercial success.

The majority of the world’s largest industries regularly deal with customers who are vulnerable or dealing with mental health issues, creating periods of vulnerability.

Rdentify provides a vulnerability risk score to front line staff so they can safeguard your customers, whilst protecting your business from threats such as regulatory risk or litigation.