Integration and Security

At Rdentify, we take the security and integration of our solutions seriously. Our commitment to safeguarding your data and ensuring seamless deployment is embedded in every aspect of our offerings as is speed of execution.

Closed System

Rdentify operates within a closed environment, safeguarding your internal data from external threats. Our one-way APIs ensure secure data flow without any risk of unauthorised access or breaches. Regular security audits further reinforce our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest cybersecurity standards.

On-Premise and Cloud Deployments

Choose the deployment that suits your needs. Our on-premises solution integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, offering complete control and alignment with your established processes. Alternatively, our private cloud option eliminates scalability concerns and empowers you with autonomous infrastructure management.

Restricted Access and Geographical Data Management

Access to Rdentify’s systems is strictly controlled, limited to essential personnel. Your data is stored within your jurisdiction, adhering to local data regulations. Additionally, our end-to-end encryption ensures the utmost confidentiality and security for sensitive information, both at rest and in transit.

On-Premise Deployment Process

For on-premise deployment, we follow a meticulous process

  • Compatibility Assessment
  • Direct Integration
  • Configuration & Data Management
  • Access Setup & Testing
  • Final Deployment & Support

Private Cloud Deployment Process

For private cloud deployment, the process encompasses:

  • Assessment & Integration
  • Configuration & Management
  • Access Control
  • Performance Testing
  • Deployment & Support