Government and Institutions

Government and Institutions: Data Security and Communication Integrity for Critical Conversations

Social engineering attacks, with their increasing frequency and sophistication, pose substantial threats to sensitive information and public trust. Rdentify’s suite of advanced solutions provide comprehensive protection against these challenges, ensuring the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of critical conversations.

The Growing Challenge of Social Engineering


The global cost of social engineering attacks is projected to reach a staggering $8 trillion in 2023, underlining the financial impact of these breaches.


The average cost per organization of a social engineering attack amounts to $4.24 million, highlighting the substantial financial burden they impose.


Most social engineering attacks exploit human interaction, capitalizing on individuals’ tendencies to trust and engage.


These attacks leverage human psychology and emotions, making them effective and difficult to predict.

Weakest Link

According to the SANS Institute, 85% of data breaches involve human error, rendering humans the weakest link in the security chain.

Proactive Defence with Rdentify Solutions

Rdentify Secure: Fortifying Cybersecurity


Protecting sensitive data and digital communication in government agencies.


Rdentify Secure’s advanced AI technology offers next-gen protection tailored for government bodies.

Proactive Defence

Rdentify empowers you with a comprehensive solution that offers proactive defence against social engineering attacks including phishing, subversion, and lobbying.

Risk Reduction

Drastically decrease the likelihood of financial losses, data breaches, and reputational damage through Rdentify’s robust protection.

Safeguarding Confidential Data

Ensure the safeguarding of sensitive and confidential information, reinforcing regulatory compliance and maintaining trust.

Enhance Employee Awareness

Elevate employee knowledge and awareness of social engineering threats, creating a culture of vigilance and informed decision-making

Full Audit and Reporting

Rdentify’s comprehensive audit trail and reporting facility offer transparency and accountability.

Ongoing Research for Unmatched Protection

Human Interaction Simulation

Objective: Enhance the ability to differentiate between genuine and manipulated conversations.

Research Focus: Techniques for simulating human interactions or scripted communications.

Impact on Product: Improved ability to identify pattern anomalies, leading to effective flagging for investigation.

Targeted Attacks

Objective: Counter the exploitation of vulnerabilities through targeted attacks.

Research Focus: Understanding entity characteristics and risks.

Product Impact:*Bespoke models created for detecting and thwarting tailored threats.

Behavioural Analysis

Objective: Incorporate behavioural analysis for manipulation detection.

Research Focus: Utilising Behavioral Psychology to identify manipulation cues.

Product Impact: Enhanced ML methods for identifying flattering and pressure tactics.

Rdentify is the steadfast partner that governments and institutions can rely on. Our solutions counteract the evolving threat landscape and uphold the trust of citizens, stakeholders, and partners.

Discover the power of Rdentify in shaping secure and transparent communication across critical conversations. For more details about our secure environment, explore our infrastructure page.