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Ensure Safe and Positive Online Communities with Forum Protect

Powerful AI-Powered Risk Detection and Moderation for Online Forums

Welcome to Forum Protect, your ultimate solution to cultivating a secure and uplifting online community. Harness the strength of our advanced AI-powered risk detection and moderation platform to establish an environment that prioritises safety, inclusivity, and positivity for all forum users.

Proactive Risk Detection

Stay ahead of potential challenges with our cutting-edge AI algorithms that analyse forum conversations in real time. Swiftly identifying and flagging risks such as hate speech, bullying, and other harmful content, Forum Protect empowers you to take action and resolve issues before they escalate.

Customisable Moderation Rules

Align your risk detection criteria seamlessly with your community guidelines and moderation policies. With Forum Protect, you possess the ability to fine-tune specific rules and thresholds, tailoring a moderation experience that suits the unique dynamics of your community.

Accurate and Reliable

Depend on the accuracy of our AI models, which undergo continuous refinement through extensive data training. By prioritizing the reduction of false positives and false negatives, Forum Protect ensures dependable results that you can confidently rely upon.

Streamlined Moderation Workflow

Bid farewell to cumbersome manual content moderation processes prone to human error. Forum Protect seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow, furnishing your moderation team with a user-friendly interface that expedites the review and action-taking process for flagged content.

Real-time Alerts and Reporting

Receive instantaneous alerts upon the detection of potentially harmful content, allowing for immediate and targeted responses. Immerse yourself in comprehensive insights through real-time reporting, weekly and monthly summaries, as well as trend analysis. These tools enable a profound understanding of emerging patterns, facilitating data-driven decisions that enhance your community.

Why Choose Forum Protect?

Forum Protect embodies a proactive approach to community moderation, safeguarding your forum from the onset of potential issues. The platform’s customisable rules, unwavering accuracy, and streamlined workflow result in a seamless experience that empowers your moderation team and reinforces a culture of respect and inclusivity.