Empowering Safer Gambling Practices: Meet Rdentify – Our Commitment to Responsible Gaming.

At Rdentify, we are passionate about revolutionising the gaming industry by promoting responsible gambling practices and ensuring a sustainable gaming environment. As a proud sponsor of this upcoming event, we are excited to share our vision and the innovative products we offer to achieve this crucial goal.

Who Are We?

Rdentify is a cutting-edge technology company with a mission to provide the gaming industry with advanced tools to identify and address potential markers of harm in real-time conversations and allow for real time interventions. Our team of experts are dedicated to creating solutions that prioritise player safety, customer well-being, and operator compliance.

Our Products

1) Safer Gambling Bot

Our Responsible Gambling bot is a game-changer in the industry. This intelligent chatbot is designed to interact with customers in real-time while they are actively engaged in gaming. No more emails sent out with no responses! Now, when a behavioural alert is triggered by an operator, the chatbot immediately engages with customers to offer immediate support and intervention, ensuring that no potential harm goes unnoticed, and operators get the responses they need. No more unopened emails!

The Safer Gambling bot employs natural language processing to engage with players sensitively, asking pertinent questions to understand their needs better. By doing so, we can implement customised interventions to protect players from potential harm and steer them towards safer gambling practices.

2) Rdentify Protect

Rdentify Protect is a powerful technology that identifies markers of harm in real-time during live chat, email, and bot conversations. It provides an easy-to-use QA interface, allowing operators to review customer interactions efficiently. With Rdentify Protect, operators can quickly identify and prioritise customers who may require further attention or support, ensuring timely interventions and a safer gaming experience for all.

Our full reporting suite provides valuable insights into customer behaviour, helping operators make data-driven decisions and improve their responsible gaming initiatives.

3) Rdentify Telemate

Telemate is a powerful tool that analyses phone conversations between players and operators. It provides accurate and insightful transcripts, summaries, and quality assessments of these interactions. With Telemate, operators can gain valuable insights into customer

conversation helping them identify any potential red flags related to problem gambling as well as improving overall service.

Our Commitment

At Rdentify, responsible gaming is at the core of everything we do. We firmly believe that operators have a crucial role to play in promoting responsible gambling practices. By empowering operators with our Safer Gambling Bot, Rdentify Protect, and Rdentify Telemate, we enable them to make well-informed decisions and provide necessary support to their customers.

Our products are carefully crafted to ensure that the gaming experience remains enjoyable, entertaining, and safe for all players. By proactively identifying markers of harm and intervening at the right moment, we aim to prevent gambling-related problems and create a sustainable gaming ecosystem.

Join Us at the Event

Together, let’s embrace innovation and technology to make a positive impact on the gaming industry and create a safer, more sustainable gaming future.

For more information about Rdentify and our products, visit our website at www.rdentify.com

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