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Rdentify launches its brand-new website

As Rdentify continues to move forward in a new period of commercial success, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new website. The refreshed website is now much easier to navigate, and offers sector-specific information to help our customers learn more about our innovative technology. This is designed to improve user experience and usability…. Read More

Exploring the information needs of gambling consumers: The latest findings from the Gambling Commission

In June, the Gambling Commission released its latest findings on the information needs of gambling consumers. This explores consumer attitudes towards receiving information from gambling companies, as well as the first-hand experiences that consumers have had. The research also focuses on how the provision of information could be improved by gambling operators. Fieldwork for Gambling… Read More

Meet the Rdentify Team: Nige Roberts, Sales Director

Rdentify is moving into an exciting new phase. As we continue to create rewarding partnerships with global gaming innovators such as GiG and Neccton, our mission to deliver responsible gaming software is taking shape across multiple markets. Our Sales Director Nige Roberts has been playing a crucial part in this commercial expansion. With over 25 years of experience… Read More

Ensure your commercial success

In a continually shifting landscape, gambling firms will need to overcome several barriers if they want to ensure their commercial success. At a time when customers are adjusting to life after restrictions, operators will need to remain vigilant. Consumers have been impacted in different ways by the circumstances brought on by the pandemic, as well… Read More

Responding to customer vulnerability

Identifying customers who may be vulnerable or susceptible to harm can be a complex process. Each consumer is different, and operators cannot always be sure that an indicator of harm for one customer is the same for another. And in the fast-paced world of customer support and retention, common cues can often slip through the… Read More

Problem gambling in 2022: The Gambling Commission’s latest findings

In April, the Gambling Commission released its first-quarter findings on Problem Gambling in 2022, with aim of monitoring participation levels. The regulator conducted a nationally representative sample of 4,018 adults aged 16 and over, who were interviewed via telephone in June 2021, September 2021, December 2021 and March 2022 to collect data on gambling activity… Read More

Better technology, better outcomes

We now live in a world where we take technology for granted. Automations and mobile apps have become second nature to us, and they have transformed and revolutionised the gambling industry as we know it. The vast majority of gambling is now online; while gambling in betting shops and casinos has continued to decrease, online… Read More

Our new collaboration with Neccton

Welcoming a new phase of innovation and development with our brand-new collaborators Neccton. As Rdentify continues to move into an exciting new phase of innovation, we’re very pleased to announce that we’ll be collaborating with Neccton to offer our advanced customer risk software to 50 new operators. Rdentify offers a functional, innovative solution for businesses… Read More

Why do you need Rdentify?

As commerce continues to shift online, it’s clear that digitalisation is absolutely essential for modern customer service. It is key to connecting customers with knowledgeable agents, delivering the context needed to solve problems quickly, and providing consumers with more engagement options than ever before. When businesses put technology-focused customer service at the heart of their… Read More

Rdentify in the energy industry

At a time when energy prices have hit record levels, the industry is under more scrutiny than ever before. As customers brace themselves for a £693 price cap increase in April 2022, the reputation of the industry is being continually damaged due to poor levels of customer service. Vulnerable customers are not being adequately monitored… Read More